Taniplan Oy imports and sells ventilation equipments

Taniplan Oy was founded in 1983 (Taniplan Ky, 1.5.2010).

The company imports and sells the following heat recovery and ventilation equipment:


Manufacturer / manager

1. Radial fans Comefri SpA, Italy
Low and intermediate pressure ventilators
High pressure ventilators
2. Process heat exchangers Flucorrex AG, Switzerland
Malting process, glass tube heat exchangers,
NOx-free air heating
Flue gas and process exchangers
3. Rotary heat exchangers Enventus Ab, Sweden
4. Air handling units Air handling units with heat recovery for welding and painting plants
5. Heat transfer coils D.B.M. S.p.a. Italy
6. Rotary heat exchanger accessory Rotor drive systems

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For welding and paint shops we propose the air handling unit KRS-THR

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  • High quality equipment for heat recovery and air handling
  • Appropriate ventilation equipment for welding and paint shops
  • Long-life air handling units allowing keep expenses at a low level